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The Year Of The Lion

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 The Year Of The Lion

Update on the lion problem here in town. April 9,2009


After the lion ate at least five more dogs ... one right in front of the owner despite his attempts to stop it ... the forestry sent a guy up here to dispatch it, and dispatch it he did.


We are now free of the threat and we can rest assured that our kids, dogs, and cats are all safe and sound. God bless the United States Forestry. We love you guys!


There was a killing last night here on Elk Creek road just south of town. A young Puma. One of twins.
This summer has been to me ... the year of the lion. It started in Late summer of 2008 when a few small dogs from my neighborhood along Buckhorn Rd. started dissappearing. First a few disappeared and I heard about it around town, and then the news came around August 15th that Lars watched a young lion pounce on and eat his small dog, who was on a chain in the front yard. He and a neghbor were standing there when suddenly a young lion came out of the woods on the hill opposite the house and chewed the dog off the chain only to drag it off nto the woods on the same hill. Alan said he was up there that day and he swore he could hear the lion growling and chewing just inside the tree line.
Scary. And gross ... I know, but I live in the woods ... you see. If I said wilderness you would get a better picture.
In the following six months there were four lions located in different areas surrounding town. Two, twins on the Elk creek side of the river. One on Buckhorn, where I live, and one on the hill where housing is, on the north end of town.
No other lion killed so many dogs this past season then the one on Buckhorn Rd. While the cameras were up in my yard we got a glimspe of the little guy as he ran through the yard to the creek one day. Pretty amazing stuff. People never got to see the bigfoot on the footage, but if they were watching that day, no matter where in the world they were ... they watched that lion run through my yard. That was 2005, before it got a taste for petite doggy.
I suppose the fires that came to within a quarter mile from my house last summer and the summer before have displaced them closer to town. The local gossip seems to concur, and there are stories abounding. Let's see ...
Annie- Danny Quin's dog
Dave- T.J. Day's dog
Carlos, and the little dog- Lar's dogs.
Mr Beck's dog
Kirby's dog
about 6 of my cats
The computer guy kelly's dog
and a few more I can't remember right now ... at least nine dogs and so many cats.
Yeah, Lars watched his life long pal Carlos get eaten the same way a few weeks later.
The dogs were all medium to smallish and it has the neighborhood up in arms because the forestry system is pretty screwed up and no one seems to have a beaurocratic program designed to get rid of renegade mountian lions.
As far as I have been able to I have to call Redding. I don't have long distance so I'm looking for someone who could make the call. Can you? If you can, just tell the forestry this story and remember to tell them Happy Camp.
The year of the lion continues here in peaceful Happy Camp, and so last night one was finally shot. One of the twins I suppose. Unfortunately this is happening and I can't help but feel the guilt of taking thier habitat, but we have small children and that rule goes flying out the window at times like this.
I'll make sure my dogs are in tonight. That's gotten so hilarious, the dogs get a supervised poop every night before bed, and there are thirteen cats sleeping in the house at night. I live in a manger.
How was your day?
Love you all.

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