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Sasquatch and Me

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Sasquatch and Me

By: Tara Hauki





This story is dedicated to Hazel, Thomas, and Seoma Baker... Thank you for giving me wings. This is the story of a whole lot of tragedy, a whole lot of triumph, a whole lot of amazing strangeness, and a whole lot of love in various and life changing ways. This is the story of my relationship with the Bigfoot.








This is not your regular bigfoot story. To begin with...it is not just a story about how I saw a Sasquatch and what it looked like and what it did when I saw it. This is about the events that unfolded as I searched for myself... and found bigfoot. It is about how I worked with bigfoot researchers following my experience seeing the bigfoot . The question for me of whether or not I actually saw a bigfoot or if I believe in them will be answered... just be patient, because what this really is, is a journal of my journey. I will be very honest here... as usual, and I will probably invertently piss some people off, but hey, the truth makes me mad sometimes too. Come with me and I will tell you a tale that will blow your mind.








How it all began ...


If you have any interest about my bigfoot story, then you probably already know about the affair I endured with my father's death. If you have not, you can visit the front page and click on the "Tara Hauki and Jon-Erik Beckjord" page. You will find a small portion of the truth there, but in a nut shell ... I was accused of killing my dad who died of a self inflicted gun shot wound due to cancer ... nuff said. Otherwise, I left my now old driveway in Grass Valley with the words, "I'm going to go live with Sasquatch", on my lips ... and with 15,000.00 dollars in my pocket I set out to go live in the woods with my boyfriend Alan ... and Bigfoot ... (that was in the summer, May 5th to be exact, of 2003) ...


and here we are.




July 15th, early morning ... 2005.


I had been going through a rough spot. Well, Alan and I had been going through a rough spot. I had kicked him out a few months ago and I was outside on the porch crying ALOT! I called a Cherokee divorce because I had just grabbed his stuff, put it out on the curb, called his friends, walked him out there, and stood there waiting for them to come and take him away. I mean no ill feelings in what i've just said, it's just something I had been going through since I had moved here to this remote part of the Pacific Northwest.


Anyway, I was lonely and I had been crying off of my porch into my yard for a few months, (worse was that we, me and Alan, were supposed to be married on May 5, 2005 ... haha 555. anyway, I panicked and called the wedding off five days before the date), so I was crying a lot.


My yard here is beautiful beyond words. I live on about an acre and a half on a very decievingly close to town plot that sits on the edge of Indian Creek. Creek. I called it a river for the first two years I lived here. It's wide, very wide. I actually live in town, but it doesn't seem like it from my yard.


There are blackberries. They spread in a green undulating sea from about one hundred feet into my yard to the edge of the creek, two hundred feet hence. There is a line of alder trees and willow that make a perfect screen between me and the houses that sit up on the bluff on the other side of the creek in "town".


I love this place. There is a small country road that runs behind my trailer and on the other side of the road, the Klamath National Forest stretches on for mile upon mile of remote wilderness through the Smith River canyon to the sea. The Redwoods are somewhere in the middle there. Needless to say, it is incredible. They call it a coastal rain forest.It's true.


I had slept that night on the couch. I got up at around five thiry in the morning and I walked to my slider and opened it ... and saw what I first thought was the biggest bear I had ever seen. I thought that to myself and then my mind clicked on common sense when it turned to run and I said,"That's not a bear".

It had long arms and long legs. Much too long for a bear, and it had no ears that I could see. On a bear the ears are on the top. I saw no ears, just a cone shaped head. Kind of rounded, but kind of pointy too.

It had been standing out at the edge of the blackberries when I opened the door and it turned and ran when it heard me open the door. It kind of stood taller and turned slightly and when it began to run I could see the arms swing. It freaked me out. Totally.


Here's one of those paranormal parts you'll read a lot in this story, but thier true ... really. The first Skinwalker. whatever symptom was that when it first started running back towards a path I have that goes to the creek I could see plainly that it was a Bigfoot ... then it did a strange thing, or my eyes did. It changed, or morphed or something like that. I could swear that one minute I was looking at a Bigfoot and the next minute I watched it 'change' into a bear. No kidding. I have a theory ...


I think that the Bigfoot are capable of 'throwing' an image at you when you see it. It was a comforting one for me, I love bears, but for some it is a scary image i.e. the black mountain lions people see ... etc. Who knows, but I know what I saw. Trippy.


It ran off along the back of the yard against the blackberries and turned down the long path that goes to the creek. I heard it crash down there and I yelled, "Hey, get out of my yard." I was in shock I guess. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. A real Bigfoot in my yard. Wow.


(The summer I moved to where I saw the Bigfoot, I felt them around me. I was driving down a back road that goes along the Klamath River and I thoght i heard what sounded like trees knocking together. Alan was with me so we were calling the sound the "Talking Trees". It wasn't until after I had seen the bigfoot in my yard that I looked on the internet and found an article on the BFRO website describing one encounter here in these woods as an experience where the men heard what they thought were water pipes playing. One of the members of that party had music training and he said that the sounds were more like vocalizations. The same thing I had heard there on that backroad. I know now that i seem to attract them. That isn't the only time i had been around them without knowing it that summer.


We also spent some time at a place called Fish Lake, also in these same woods. We stayed for two weeks and in that amount of time we only saw one other person, a native american gentleman who fished regularly there. It is way out in the wilderness there with a very small road that goes up, and up, and up until you get there. Inhospitable to the R.V. camper ... so there weren't so many campers. It is dark, forested, and not just a little bit creepy if you know what it can feel like in the deep woods. We, Alan and I were laying in our sleeping bags just getting ready to turn in for the day ... when all of the sudden we started hearing this beautiful eerie crooning sound. It was calling from just behind our tent and then, from down near the lake we heard another one. It was a song. That's the best way I can describe it. It sounded like they were kind of humming and whistling at the same time. Alan is a complete Bigfoot sceptic so he kept saying, "It's a fruit fox." He didn't want to know what it was and he seemed just a little bit nervous as the singing went on. I kept on saying, "It's not a fox it's a bigfoot." Then suddenly something threw a stick at our tent. Alan really shut up then. I was mesmerized. If it really was a bigfoot outside my tent it made me feel ... I don't know ... special. Why would a bigfoot come anywhere near me?)


I believe I am finding out.


To continue with my story. I walked down the road to the cafe the next day to get some breakfast and I saw a flyer saying that if you had a bigfoot sighting to come on up to Javabob's deli in town and tell them about it. I did just that, and it changed my life forever.


Tom Biscardi and his crew The Great American Bigfoot Organization had been in the area because I wasn't the only person who had seen it, or the first. (One of the first was actually a forestry official who was banned from talking about it.) Apparently they had been in my area for a few weeks before I had had my experience so Tom and his boys had been here. I went to the deli and told them I had seen the Bigfoot in my yard, so Javabob put in a call to Tom and told him about it. Tom called right away to set up an appointment to see me there at the deli. I told him I would see him there.


A few days later we met at the deli and i told him what I had seen. We then went over to my house to take a look at where the sighting had occured. I walked him through where the bigfoot went and we found some interesting things that at the time of the sighting I had missed. I missed because I had seen a huge, ginormous creature in my yard and as soon as I saw it I was exteremely reluctant to go out into my yard. Wouldn't you be. I mean ... Say you believe in Bigfoot and you empathize with them. And then tell people about how you feel about bigfoot and that you believe they are real even though others don't share your optimistic point of view ... and then actually see one. It will stop you in your tracks, I'll tell you that.


Anyway, with them there I wasn't as afraid to go look and we walked the path down to the creek in the direction I saw it go. We found a "nest" is what I'll call it of horsetail ferns that had been picked in about a thirty square foot area and shaped into a bed. It was right at the spot of a natural spring in my yard. There were two huge sets of toe prints in the water at the creek. It was very unnerving to actually see the evidence of a Bigfoot in my yard. Sobering.


Tom was saying that it was what Bigfoot researchers call a "hot spot". He made a few phone calls and a few weeks later there were infrared cameras in my backyard with a link to a company in Canada called "Insync" (sp). They had a live feed that went from my yard in California to Canada where people could pay to watch and see if Bigfoot would show back up. It did, but never on thier cameras. Turns out they're smart. After all I have learned from my experiences with them, they are a lot more than that. A lot more. Much more. And they need to be treated with respect and dignity. I think they know more about us then we know about ourselves.


Please, write to me if you have any comments or questions. I am at amazonprincess62@yahoo.com. More will be added here soon. There's a lot more to tell, so stay tuned.

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