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Jon-Erik Beckjord:  answers to his posts

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 Jon-Erik Beckjord: answers to his posts


"I Can't Die ... Knowing I Did Not Try" 













That qoute you just read is my new creed. Like it? Jon-Erik Beckjord will not post anything I say to his posts on his website, or what I mean is he will only post what he wants to post, so I will answer his accusations here. I send him messages, and he won't put them on his forum. I have heard from others like Linda Martin that this is indeed true, and that he has a tendency to do it in his favor only. I heard this from the likes of Tom Biscardi and others who have had the stress of dealing with him.


He has also taken a lot of his posts off of his site after that initial beginning of this story. It is just fine though, because I had the fore-thought to save them every day. I just copied them and sent them to my email. I have a whole file of them, and this is where I am going to refute his accusations ... here goes.


I am going to keep it as level as I can, but I have a tendency to get smarmy when I'm angry, and I have to walk a half and a mile back and forth a day to do this with a very gimpy knee ... thanks a lot EB ... so I will probably get a little smarmy. I apologize ahead of time.


I want to apologize for my kindergarten level website. I am literally learning this as I go. You will notice that I have improved. I know to post at the TOP of the page. Thanks for your patience. I'll have pictures of me on here soon. I am going to learn that today.


Hey Jon-Erik ... got any current pics? we'd like to see them. 










October 30, 2007



...That I am a Crack Addict.

O.K. More embarrassing truth here, since that's what I'm doing. I have tried crack ... once. I would'nt recommend it. It is so highly addictive that I knew immediately that it would be the last time, and it was. Whew, so there. That was'nt so bad. I'm not running for president, and I don't plan on starting a church. Am I in the clear? 


Jon-Erik Says He Threw My Notes In The Creek.

He's using my notes. He says he threw them in the creek, but I have family members who have seen my notes and, ummm, know me, and they say he is using words I have only used on my website. He did'nt get the main notes, but he got enough to steal. Here's how that went.


He told me he would send them and the jade back to me before he left. After he sprayed me and I threw his two, crap!!! books in. ( I don't mean crap ... the books are crap. The Tennessee bigfoot book was quite good actually), I mean CRAP !!! Jon-Erik ... You prick crap.

He wrote on his website that he sent them UPS. He said, they were in the mail. Ha ha, "the check is in the mail"... Ha ha.


He posted that he kept them and took them out there the second time, and threw them in the six foot water hole.


He is writing the stuff I had in my notes like he knows it. Like he wrote it.


I have a migraine headache now because I just turned to Jon-Erik's website to see if he has posted more ... he has.



Jon-Erik Told Me I Might Find Some Questionable Stuff Laying Around His House...

As we walked in the front door he said this to me.


What questionable stuff Jon-erik? And since you started defaming my character so badly, I thought I would ask you a few more questions.


How did you hit Alfonso with that door? The bruise on his leg was hideous.


What is that big, reddish-brown rug looking outfit sitting on that chair inside your room? The thing that looks so much like your 'appearing' bigfoot in that picture. I noticed it ... only that it was the exact same color as your phantom bigfoot in your 2006 picture. And big. And hairy.


Why did you tell me you had been a Ph.D. of  Metaphysics at Berkeley back when I first met you on the internet? That is a lie and highly misleading. I may have that email saved. I have lots of them saved. I am of course going to look all this up too. You asshole. I am supposed to be enjoying the most beautiful fall in the universe and all you can do is waste my time. Good job. High five.


Why did you have me witness your will?




...That I hit him in the face with a shovel.

Jon-Erik ... Do you remember right before you left? Do you remember telling me that you were going to go to the sheriff and tell them that the cut on your cheek was from me hitting you on the face. Oh wait. You have'nt even mentioned that. why not? Are you holding that back as your suprise evidence? Whatever.


Hey ... wait a minute, did you remember telling me the evening before, that you were going to tell the sheriff that your girlfriend, Christine Pitts hit you in the face, and that you were'nt going to pay her the twenty thousand dollars she gave you to pay for your dog, Toby, when he got hurt? Huh?


Why did you tell me that anyway? Freak. Do you think that the tape recorder you neglected to tell me about until right before you left picked all that up? Huh?


Jon-Erik. You think I'm stupid don't you? ...Suprise. I'm not some dumb Native American Jon-Erik. Even if you think I look like one. Oh, and I'm not a good victim either. Oops.


We got a flat on the side of Hwy 88 just outside of Lathrop. He drives a suburban. A very strange suburban, but in any case it is a big rig. When he went to release the jack lever, it jumped back and slammed him in the right cheek. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is his right cheek. His girlfriend bandaged it up. There was a white house across the road with the windows open and music playing. Thay were aware we were there and a sheriff even drove by at the time. Ironically, Chris pouring her wine into her plastic cup was not noticed by the cop or Jon-Erik. Lucky me/Unlucky me ... the sheriff slowed and asked for a thumbs up and I gave him one. I should have flagged him over for Jon-Erik having three flat tires. Ha ha.


Why does this man feel like he has to lie so much? Why can't he just apologize for beating me up, leaving me for dead, and spraying pepper spray in my face? Hmmm.



...That he found a crack pipe in my purse.

First of all Jon-Erik, what were you doing in my purse? And, you say that my purse was in two different places for the same incident. Where was it, huh? O.K., I have never owned a crack pipe. I only know what they look like from T.V. I think what you are lying about is when I candidly shared my methamphetamine use with you. That was in 1994-1996, Jon-Erik. I explain this on the page here on my site entitled 5150 - The 'Real' Story of My Experience. What a weiner.



Jon-Erik's conversation with my friends Rocky and Lily...

(This is not thier real names). He say's I'm half bigfoot, and half alien. I mentioned it to him on his website, which he did'nt post unbelievably, I told him how nuts it was and he goes and says I say I'm what, half alien. Hilarious. Anyway, they had the phone on speaker so they both heard the whole thing.


Rocky is the one who called him actually, because I was'nt home when I said I would be. I was hiking for my life at the time. Really. I have to force myself to believe that this is what was happening. Everyone I tell my story to so far, and I'm talking about my friends here ... people I can see and touch, immediately use words like "hostage", and "kidnapped", and it creeps me out. She asked him where I was and the first words out of his mouth were ... "I don't know". 


She said, "I don't know"? 


He said, "I left her up there. I don't know where she is. I called and found out she wasted thousands of tax payers money getting helicopter lifted to the hospital". Then he said, "She hit me with a shovel".


Rocky replied, "What did you do to her to get hit with a shovel"? She said he went on and on about how I'm an alien, and there's a whole bunch more. He started to say horrible things about Happy Camp finally and made them mad so thier conversation ended. He told her he found a crack pipe in my purse. Now, that was funny.


She just said,"What"?


Meanwhile, I was hiking out of the wilderness. He never came back with the cops. If I really hit him, then why did'nt he? Why did'nt he come back with the cops, or tell them I needed help at least, geez... guy. If he says he was scared, then he's a bigger pussy than I even thought. He would have had the cops, and I would have gone to jail, right?



Jon-Erik says I'm propably 5% Indian...

I have a lot to say about this, and I will have a beautiful story about that after I am finished answering Jon-Erik's accusations. I'm actually 12.5% "Indian", Jon-Erik, and you're not going to forget it I assure you. My story is going to be called "Seoma Smith Jespersen ... A California Cherokee". It will be on this site soon, so watch for it. She's my mom.





...That I look like Fred Thompson in drag.


I don't have balls ... I must not need them.


I'm writing to Fred Thompson and I'm sending him my picture. I mean a real picture of me ... not like the thirty year old picture that Jon-Erik shows on all of his websites, and while I'm at it, I might as well mention that he has a myspace and the age he has there ... with that same picture, is 57. I know that he is 68. Him and his girlfriend both told me that. As a matter of fact, we ALL shared our birthday at his house one of those nights. So, never mind. I'm not going to even comment on his comments about my age. My birthday is 5-20-62. You can figure it out for yourself. 



 October 29, 2007



...That I am 5'10''.

... I wish. I'm 5'5".

That I weigh 210 lbs. Wrong dork, I actually weigh 225 lbs. Wow, if he thinks I'm 5'10" and 210 lbs., then I must look better at 5'5", 225 lbs. then I thought I did.











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