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My angels are more than two



The Jeremiahs

The Johnnys


The Jeffreys

The Roberts





The A's







This is a strange story, but so many of my stories are SO strange that I will probably stop saying this after a while.


It was in January of 2006 and I had just had an exploratory surgery in Yreka, California. I live in a small remote town and the nearest hospital is sixty seven miles away on a very windy river road. I rode the ambulance into town because my doctor thought I was experiencing a ruptured esophagus.


I woke up from the surgery and I found out that not only did I not have a ruptured stomach, but it appeared on the films that I had a brand new stomach. This compared to the films of my stomach from a year or so before. It looked bad then. In the new film it looked like a baby's stomach. This was a miracle in itself and I thank God for that. I have experienced numerous blessings like this, but what happened after the surgery has me wondering to this day about the two people I met in the parking lot of McDonald's in Yreka the day after my surgery.


I had stayed the night at a motel across the street from a shopping center with a McDonald's in it waiting for monday when I could ride the bus home. I have no car and the bus only travels from Yreka to Happy Camp on mondays and fridays. I had gone over to the mall for a hair trim and a pair of new white moccassins. I came waltzing out of the beauty parlor. I was feeling fresh and comfey in my new boots, when I saw two strange and mysteriously beautiful people standing near a truck in the parking lot.


I was feeling kind of 'hippyish' at that moment, (I get like that), and I saw them there. He in his floor length rabbit skin coat and long blonde curly hair, her in her natural fiber dress and the same blonde curly hair. They had strange crystal, blue eyes. I wouldn't quite believe it my self, even writing this story, but I have witnesses to the fact they that they were there ... in the McDonald's parking lot. Just standing there smiling at me as if they knew me.

I said,"Hi."

They said hello and then Ariela began talking about my smile and how she could notice that I was in a joyful mood.

I said,"Praise Abba", and I could almost hear the sound of Jeremiah's neck cracking as he whipped around to look at me. It wasn't a mean or aggressive cracking, just a suprised jolt.

He said,"What did you just say?

I repeated what I said and then he said that I was the only person other than himself that said that.

We connected right away like we were long time friends.

We sat talking and I noticed Jeremiah was doing something with his hands as we talked. I gestured as to what he was doing and he showed me an arrowhead that he was flintknapping. It was beautiful, and he must have seen that I thought so because he handed it to me and said,"here, this is for you".

I took it gladly.


Ariela went on about how Creator Had blessed them on thier journey and I thought it was kind of weird how they spoke of God in terms of Al, and El, and Yah. I knew that these were very old terms used to describe God and I was intrigued to meet these very unique individuals. They told me they had been on a long journey across the country and that they knew that Creator loved happy meals because they were cheap and good enough for food. We laughed a lot at that, and then Ariela told me that she was looking for her birth mother here on the Klamath river.


She said her name was Elizabeth Windwalker and when I told her that I lived in Happy Camp, she said that that was right where she needed to go. I told her I was going home on monday and if they would like they could stay at my house while they looked for her. I felt led to give them money, and so I handed them a flfty dollar bill I had in my wallet. There was something about them that made me feel I was standing in the presence of something bigger than myself. I was acting accordingly to be sure.


I gave them instructions to get to my house, we said our see ya laters, and then I was on my way. I went back to the motel and then rode the bus home on monday looking forward to seeing them there.


It was a flood year that year. There was snow all over the place and the river got so high it flooded the restroom at the river acsess near my house. The water got to the roof. Pretty amazing. There were nieghbors and strangers at the overlook everyday taking pictures for weeks. Floods can be very destructive and there have been those here where I live, but this was more of a spectacle then a destructive force. It was exciting, for one.


I came into town on the Stage, (the name of our bus line), and I saw thier truck parked outside of the pizza parlor. Cool, they made it. I got off of the bus near a friend's house and went to visit. We were standing on the front porch talking about the weather and suddenly i saw them drive by.

I yelled,"hey, you guys!"

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