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"Austin"   A faerie tale

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"Austin" A faerie tale



Once long ago, there lived a faerie princess named Austin. She lived with her parents where she was born near a high mountain lake called "Everon". She lived there until her six year and then her family was forced to move north by cruel trolls.


Her parents were in charge of all the mountain, so they had to bring together all thier people and make way to a place in the north called "Bliss". After a long time traveling, in her 7 mid year they reached Bliss and were welcomed by the people there.


Now that the people were in thier new home they were all considered one kind, so Austin and her family were not found to be the royalty that they once were in thier own land. Now they were common.


This was also a good thing for them, and they accepted it because there were trolls that lived in the surrounding mountains of thier new home who were the cousins of the very trolls who ran them off from thier homes in Everon. They feared that if these trolls found out there were faeries who could one day come and reclaim that land, they would be ousted from thier conquest. They feared they would be killed, or worse, so they made a family pact to keep thier status quite and just live a simple life like thier friends and neighbors from home.


It all worked out very well and they lived in peace and prosperity in thier new land. Austin soon became accustomed to the new culture and began to learn new ways of life for her.


A Mid Spring Day Party


She turned 8 year in the mid spring year of turnig. She was only in Bliss for one year plus a few months, when she was suprised by a year day party thrown in her honor by her new found neighbors and friends.


Some of the new people were faeries and some were human, some were wizards and there were friendly trolls, and dragonfliers, and many other curious and new creatures. She had already become very well known in school and because she was the daughter of a Forest king she knew some of the other languages spoken here in Bliss. No one here knew of her royal status so they were amazed and pleased to know a girl of such intelligence. She grew well thought of, even beloved by the time of her 8 year party being held today in the All Flower Glade.


Her best friend Tuff, a faerie from her homeland, who she had been close to like a brother since almost birth, was the one who devised this gathering. He had told her it was to be a picnic between them and a few lemurians they had come to like, but when they arrived she found that practically the whole village was there and everyone seemed to have brought a gift. They brought kisses and hand shakes, and hugs and well wishes for a good reap year. Her next year to come.


Her favorite gifts came from her parents, Tuff, and one of the Lemurians she had known since she had been here.


Chani gave her the most beautiful stone she had ever seen. It was like the inside of a silver shell foot, the kind that grew in the sea off the rugged shores of the north. It swirled with all the colors of the sun but unlike the silver shell foot it shone from within with a kind of shimmery light. The light magnified the swirls of color as it pulsed slowly, making the stone look like an ever revolving rainbow. the Lemurian told her that it was her personal telling stone, and that when she could see the swirls spinning with the beat of her normal heart beat she would know that all was well. He explained that if it were to swirl yellow, danger was near, and that if it shone red, the person she was speaking to at the time would be telling the truth. He said that there were other even cooler aspects to the stone and that she would become aware of what they were and what thier usefulness was as "she got to know it". It was clearly the most interesting thing she had ever recieved as a gift and she thanked him with a kiss. This made him blush at which everyone smiled and laughed. This then made him blush further and Austin giggled herself at the dark red color that grew on his face.


Her parents gave her a dressing table and a set of chairs for her bedroom. Her father had been trying his hand at carpentry and was becoming quite good at it. The dressing table was short and had a small decorative knee hole. There were the same pattern of decorative wood work on the dresser top and there was a large flower shaped mirror attached to the back. It had wood flowers bordering it and it could be adjusted by tilting it back or forwards. The chairs matched the small stool made for the dresser, and they were all upholstered in a fine silk blend made from butter moths. They were woven in a cloud pattern so Austin could, as her father said when they gave it to her, "float among the clouds like the angel that she was".


Tuff gave her a rock and got lots of strange looks from the crowd for it, but Austin just laughed and blew him a kiss from across the room where he stood in his usual spot in the back of the crowd. The crowd may have been confused by this strange gift but Austin knew that it meant that she was under contract to be his best friend for yet another year. (This having been agreed upon when they were both in thier 5 year. They had been swimming in the creek that emptied from Lake Everon on her year day when they promised to be best friends for life, renewing it each year by the giving of the simplest thing they could find. This year it happened to be a rock).


There was the biggest cake she had evr seen and that was saying something for the cakes in the royal hall were far greater then all the cakes made in Evermore, but here in Bliss an extra blessing held occupancy and that was the "Bees Have It" honey bakery on the main street of the village near the end leading to the valley. It had been run by Beewings, a type of butterfly that only lived in this part of the world. They were yellow striped and had a small false stinger coming out of thier backsides. They were famous for thier honey infused baked goods and thier specialties were cakes and party pastries.


The park was named All Flowers Park for a reason and this time of year was the season for the most blooming flower species. The park overflowed with every color and type of flower in the world. There were local species which there were many and there were half again as many of the different flowering plants you could find from the far reaches of the world. The fragrance of flowers was so strong there that evenig that one would actually swoon in the scents.


It was becoming toward evening by the time Austin had finished opening her gifts and the firefly lanterns were lit around the area. This lent a truly magical aura to the evening and the perfect setting for the dance the local faeries had put together as thier gift. A band of elves were the nights musical guests and everyone danced thier feet off to the sounds of the wood flutes and hand made gut guitars that trailed off into the forest depths. It was the best party Austin had ever had and she was just about to make a thank you toast to the partie gowers when suddenly the lights went out.


A Troll is a Troll


The lights didn't actually go out. What really happened is that suddenly the night around them lit up so brightly that the lights in the jars given off by the fireflies seemed to dull in comparison. This was caused by the erupting of many Troll bombs all at once. They are infused with dark magic and by the command of a dark Troll, can turn out the lights of any source known. The firefly lights went out just as the bombs were fading and soon Austin, her parents, Tuff and her guests were plunged into darkness.


Everyone started to panic and run when a few of the elders from Bliss called to watch over the people there asked everyone to stay where they were until they could sort this all out. Austin and the others were more than happy to stay put. They didn't know the park as well as the locals and they were afraid to run off and get lost. They stood where they were near the edge of the crowd waiting to be told what to do next. Suddenly there was a loud bang and Austin felt herself being picked up and carried backwards into the bushes. She felt that this was wrong and so she began to yell out only to feel a sharp pain in her leg and then nothing. The beautiful night had been stilled and time went by.


Austin awoke in a small clearing lighted with torches. She could see her mother sitting near a tree across from her and she could see Tuff next to her. The lemurians were there and a few of her father's friends, men in the royal service. She counted and saw that there were eleven of her cousins in the circle they were in. She also noticed one frightening thing. Her father was missing. Where was he. Where could he be. They were in trouble for all she knew and he wasn't there. Something must have happened to him. She wondered what but did not dare think the worst. She did not dare.

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